Thank you for your continuing support in viewing the Volume 4, Issue Six of our Internet Buddhism Magazine, The Buddhist Door.

We have re-introduced the notion of a door in this issue so as to match more closely the name of our magazine. We hope you'll like it.

Buddhism in a Nutshell Part 53 covers the Development of Sects in Chinese Buddhism while Part 54 describes various Buddhist sects in China. Zen Story continues with the story on the "Who is in the well ?". Lotus Sutra is still the theme in the section on Buddhist Sutra, where we present Part 9 for the sutra. Dharma Dew of this issue includes 3 articles, namely "Daily Lives and Practicing Buddhism Part 5", "The Buddhist Precepts" and "Cultivation of Way of Life and Cultivation of the Heart". In the section on Dharma Masters in China, we introduce Master Zhiyong and a small collection of his famous calligraphic pieces.