Thank you for your continuing support in viewing the Volume 4, Issue Seven of our Internet Buddhism Magazine, The Buddhist Door.

Buddhism in a Nutshell Part 55 covers the Che-She Sect while Part 56 the Cheng-Shih Sect. Zen Story continues with the story on the "Not Believing is the Truth". Lotus Sutra is still the theme in the section on Buddhist Sutra, where we present Part 10 for the section 4 of the seven parables. Dharma Dew of this issue includes 3 articles, namely "A Brief History of Buddha's Finger Sarira in China", "Zen Patriachs and Hui Neng (in Chinese)" and "The Meaning of Learning and Practising Buddhism (in Chinese)". In the section on Dharma Masters in China, we introduce Master Huaisu and a small collection of his famous wild cursive hand calligraphic pieces.