An attractive female decided to practice Ch'an so that she could become enlightened. Hence, she went to a Ch'an master and asked, "Master, what should I do to attain enlightenment?"

In ancient times, Ch'an masters employed many techniques to instruct others in the practice of Ch'an. Sometimes, they would teach someone to meditate on kung-ans such as "Who Is Meditating on the Buddha?" and "What Was My Original Face before My Parents Gave Birth to Me?"

The Master thought to himself: "Such an attractive young lady will encounter ample obstacles that could hinder her practice. How can she practice Ch'an so that she can become enlightened?" Then he taught her to recite, "Let it be. don't worry about it!" The purpose of giving the lady such statements to recite was to help her concentrate so that she could see her own nature.

The lady was very serious and practiced diligently. One day, someone told her that her boyfriend had come to see her. She replied, "Let him be. Don't wory about him!"

Soon after, a university that she had applied to informed her of her admittance. She only said, "Let it be. don't worry about it!"

Her mother called and said, "You have won the lottery jackpot. "

She exclaimed, "Let it be. Don't worry about it!"

She overcame one temptation after another. One day, she came across an old photograph of her grandmother and herself when she was yound. Seeing that the young girl in the picture was actually herself, she thought: "Eventually I will die and be buried just like my grandmother." Thinking such thoughts, she finally overcame the hindrance of birth and death and was no longer afraid of them. By understanding the impermanence of birth and death, she realized the bliss of no birth and no death. Her understanding of this truth is more valuable than anything else in this world.