It has always been the objective of our Buddhistdoor website to propagate the Buddhist Dharmas to those who seek truth and happiness in this life, and hopefully in future lives.

We would like to provide some useful information to the readers, so as to arouse their interest in Buddhism, and to help them to learn and practice Buddhism.

There are several sections in the website covering different areas, such as:

  • Dharma Dew, which are articles written by great masters and scholars to discuss how Buddhism is related to our daily lives.
  • Buddhist Teaching (Buddhism in a Nutshell), which elaborates on the basic doctrines, historical development, different concepts, etc. in Buddhism. In this issue, we present the Hua Yen Sect.
  • Quiz, with questions stemming out of the current issue of Buddhist Teaching.
  • Sutra, which includes commentaries by various venerable masters. This issue covers the fifth and last part of the commentary by Master Ou-I on the Amitahba sutra.
  • Zen Story, which are enlightening in seeking for wisdom.
  • Buddhist Art, which is the 'soft' side of Buddhism. The popular Guan-Yin (Avalokitesvara) is the theme of this issue.

Moreover, we continue to build up our Resource section, for the readers to search for Buddhist terms, and to read various Sutras and Shastras in Buddhism.

In order to improve the contents of the website, we are planning to conduct a survey in the next issue. We hope you all will respond and give us your comments and suggestions.