Towards the end of 2003, we have been building up over 700 items in the Glossary, and a lot more texts in the Sutra. We understand it is a long term project, which requires enormous effort to enrich.

In the Buddhist Door, we finish the introduction of Tien Tai sect in this issue, including a brief comparison between Tien Tai sect and Hua Yen sect. The Quiz always serves as a reminder to refresh the reader's memory and understanding after reading the two chapters in the Teaching section.

Like what we did in the Dharma Dew section of the previous issue, we select another Chinese article written by a Buddhist devotee Mr. Lawrence Pang. Mr. Pang presents his first-hand experience of practicing Ch'an for a few days in a monastery, which is very intimate and real, with many beautiful words and phrases. We hope we can share his feeling in the joy of Ch'an practice. Thank you, Mr. Pang.

The commentary on the Earth Store Sutra continues. The Earth Store Bodhisattva is appointed by Shakyamuni Buddha to act on his behalf to save all living beings on Earth in the Saha world. That is why this Sutra is so important and related to us.