Congratulation to Tung Lin Kok Yuen (Canada) for the 10th anniversary. Thanks to all who support and participate in all the events, such as the Land and Sea Dharma Assembly and the banquet. It was noted that over 1,000 people enjoyed the vegetarian banquet in Floata Restaurant in Chinatown, Vancouver. Thanks to the sponsors and the volunteers again.

In the issue, we are about to finish the commentary on the Sutra of Earth Store Bodhisattva. We'll start on the commentary on the Sutra of another great Bodhisattva.

For the Teaching section , we continue to introduce more about the Chan sect in China. Don't forget to test yourself and answer the questions in the Quiz, after you read the two chapters in the Teaching section.

We select a Chinese article written by a Dharma master, who explained the Buddhist point of view on war. There is a number of extracts from the Sutra, which makes clear that there should not be any war for whatever the reasons.

Zen story is another interesting to read. Happy summer holidays!