In the Sutra Commentary Section, we are starting another great Sutra, The Sixth Patriarch's Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra, or simply called Platform Sutra. The word 'sutra' is a general term for all the discourses given by the Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha. However, Hui Neng, the Sixth Patriarch, inherited the mind-seal Dharma-door and proceeded to carry out the wisdom-life of the Buddha, so his discourses was honored to be a sutra. The commentary was presented by Tripitaka Master Hua, and was translated by the Buddhist Text Translation Society.

In the section Buddhism in a Nutshell, we conclude the Chan Sect in this issue. We'll discuss the last of the ten sects in Chinese Buddhism -- Pure Land Sect next time.

Other sections, such as Dharma Dew, Zen story and Q&A continue.

We'll also continue to enrich the Glossary in the Resources too. Thank you.