We continue the commentary of the Platform Sutra expounded by Master Hua. There are many key phrases and Gathas, which explain and illustrate the profound teachings in Chan Buddhism. Though it may be difficult to understand, the readers can try to remember them, keep them in mind and think them over from time to time. Then, some time some days, we may have a deeper understanding on what the phrases or Gathas mean.

In the section Buddhism in a Nutshell, we start to introduce the Pure Land Sect, the last, but not the least, of the ten main Buddhist sects in China. It is the most popular Buddhist sect in East Asia, and is regarded as the most religious sects amongst all, because it is based on faith rather than enlightenment in wisdom. Moreover, the goal of Pure Land teachings is to be reborn in Pure Land, rather than to attain Buddhahood. Rebirth in Pure Land may be a means towards Buddhahood, and it may be the goal by itself. It seems to be orthodox as compared to the Buddhist teachings, however, it is generally accepted to be part of the practices in the cultivation in other sects. Anyway, we highly recommend the readers to study carefully the Pure Land Buddhism. It may happen to be the most suitable one for you in the pursuit of Buddhahood.

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