To learn and practice Buddhism has no short cut. Since we have accumulated many habitual behavior in the present and past lives, we have a great inertia not to change our value judgment and life style, etc. We tend to take most traditions for granted without thinking deeply why they are so, and how they are so. Sometimes, we need to sit back and think carefully what we use to do. Let us keep ourselves in silence for a few minutes everyday. A couple of Dharma Dew articles in this issue would be helpful: one is Silence, and the other is Life, Living, Birth and Death.

The Pure Land Sect continues to be the topic in Buddhism in a Nutshell of this issue. Pure Land Buddhism is often regarded as the most effective in the practice of Buddhahood, so it is beneficial to learn or know about it. It serves as a great rescue boat to save all sentient beings in the sea of suffering.

If we wish to practice meditation, please read through a series of articles, called "How we practice Zazen at the Temple". These articles were written by Ms. Juliet Lu, one of the directors of Tung Lin Kok Yuen. Her personal experience and understanding in meditation is so real and easy to follow. Those who are interested in meditation may join their meditation class held in Tung Lin Kok Yuen (Vancouver) every Sunday. The class is instructed by Roshi Martin.