May and June are two busy months in Tung Lin Kok Yuen in Vancouver, Canada. First of all, there is a ceremony of taking refuge on Bathing the Buddha Festival (the birthday of Sakyamuni Buddha), which is held annually. Secondly, another great event of Taking Eight Precepts and No Eating After Noon will be held during June 4 to June 11 in the monastery. It is expected many Buddhist devotees will participate and gather together in these events. In Buddhism, it is emphasized that we cultivate in both blessings through the practices in all kinds of Buddhist activities, as well as wisdom through the study of Buddhist scriptures and lectures, etc. Both are equally important. Without adequate blessing, one may encounter difficulty in understanding the Buddhist doctrines. Without the aid of wisdom, one may lose the bearing toward the Buddhahood or take more effort to achieve the goals. Buddhistdoor website provides a good platform for the readers to have a better understanding in Buddhism, thus facilitates them in the cultivation of wisdom. However, the readers are always encouraged to participate in some Buddhist activities in the monasteries, as that is an effective way to help us to remove some obstacles in the course of studying, to open up ones' mind, and to improve ones' lives as well.

For the bimonthly magazine, we keep on posting some interesting articles and stories about Buddhism. The current Sutra Commentary is rather long, but the Sixth Patriarch's Platform Sutra is an important yet difficult Sutra to be understood. We hope the readers would take some time to read and digest it. Similarly, we allow more chapters for the Pure Land Buddhism, as it is one of the most important and popular schools in Buddhism, particularly in China. We have also found there are not many systematic reference about Pure Land Buddhism written in English, so by providing more detailed materials in the Teaching section, we hope the readers will find it easier to understand this subject matter.

The Archive section of the Buddhistdoor has been expanded to include the commentaries of the Amitabha Sutra and Ksitgarbha Sutra, all the past Zen stories, and all the past chapters of the Buddhism in a Nutshell. Readers will likely find a better sense of continuity by browsing these series one article after another.