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Good Question Good Answer features The Five Precepts which include some interesting questions such as: What about alcohol? Surely a little drink doesn't hurt... You Buddhists are too concerned about ants and bugs.

Zen Story has a new story on A Waving Flag. It is about the arguments between two monks about a flag waving in the wind.

  Section on Dharma Dew presents another article by Reverend Yin Tak on Buddhism and Science.

Buddhism in a Nutshell carries on to Part XIII in this issue. It covers two more sections on Cultivation - Integration of all Dharmas in Cultivation and Eliminating Habits and Cultivating Awareness.

  Section on Diamond Sutra presents commentaries of Chapters 14 and 15. They are Still Extinction apart from Marks and The Merits and Virtue of Holding the Sutra .

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