Features in Buddhism & Attitude in Learning Buddhism

  Yes     No  
1.     A Buddha is the supreme being, who has the power to master and control everything.    
2.     Buddhism is considered to be a teaching to facilitate all beings to liberate themselves.    
3.     Buddhism is theoretical and abstract so this is difficult to put into practice in our daily lives.    
4.     Buddhism always emphasizes Karma, therefore it agrees and accepts the principle of fate.    
5.     Happiness means doing things what we like.    
6.     As Buddhism is the one and only one right religion, it rejects all other religions.    
7.     Strictly speaking, Buddhism is not just a religion.    
8.     The fundamental of Buddhism is kindness, compassion and equality.    
9.     Saha Land is the land of suffering, while Pure Land is the land of happiness.    
10.     The Four Reliances are used to recognize the Right Dharma in Buddhism.