Two monks left their master and sought for the Buddhist Way. They practiced different methods in cultivation. The elder monk practiced supernatural/psychic power, while the younger monk practiced reciting Buddha's name in cultivation.

After a few years, the two monks came back to visit their master. They met each other in the jetty, waiting for the boat to take them across the river.

Soon the boat came. Suddenly the elder monk jumped into the river. With his psychic power he drifted on the surface of water and crossed the river quickly. The younger monk took the boat and crossed the river slowly. After that, he gave the boatman a penny for the fare.

The elder monk showed his self satisfaction and said arrogantly to the younger monk, "What have you attained after you cultivated the past few years? See, I have attained the psychic power."

The younger monk did not care what the other monk asked and replied, "Oh, it is just worth a penny!"