The Law of Dependent Origination & The Three Universal Truths

  Yes     No  
1.     As Buddhism emphasizes the Principle of Cause and Effect, it is fatalism.    
2.     According to the Law of Dependent Origination, all existence are conditional and inter-dependent, thus Buddhism rejects the belief of the Supreme God with absolute, permanent and independent entity.    
3.     Ignorance is the starting point in the Twelve Links of Dependent Origination.    
4.     Arising from the Six Senses in the Twelve Links of Dependent Origination, contact is the very first link where suffering begins.    
5.     All phenomena are impermanent except the Supreme God or Creator of Universe.    
6.     It is important to understand impermanence because it is an antidote for curing desire and ill-will.    
7.     In Buddhism, the definition of "I" is a permanent, independent, self-sovereign entity.    
8.     The Three Universal Truths are also known as the Three Seals, which is the yardstick to determine whether the teaching is abiding by Buddhism or not.    
9.     Nirvana is a Sanskrit word which means "rebirth in Pure Land or heaven after death".    
10.     Impermanence means the inter-dependent, ever-changing and transient nature of existence, therefore the existence of all things are regarded to be "unreal" or "empty".