One day, Ch'an Master I-shan was taking a bath. The water was too hot, so he called for one of his disciples to bring a bucket of cold water.

A disciple brought a bucket of water and added some of the cold water to the hot water to cool it. After cooling the bath water, there was some water left in the bucket, so he just threw it away.

The Master was not very pleased with this, so he said, "Why are you so wasteful? Everything in this world has its use. Things only differ in their kinds of use. Take even one drop of water for example. If you give it to the flowers or the trees, then not only will the flowers and trees be happy, the water drop itself will not lose its value. A single drop of water is very valuable. You should not waste it."

After listening to the Master, the disciple changed his name to "Water-drop".

Later, when Water-drop started to teach Buddhism, people asked him, "What is the most virtuous thing in the world?"

"Water drop," he answered.

"Empty space can contain all things. What can contain empty space?"

"Water drop!"

Master Water-drop was already in harmony with the water drop. The whole universe was his mind. Thus, one drop of water can encompass limitless time and space.