Thank you for your continuing support in viewing the twenty-third issue of our Internet Magazine, "The Buddhist Door".

We are sorry to announce that "The Buddhist Door" will be suspended for the time being after the present issue. In other words, there will not be a new issue in November.

"Buddhism in a Nutshell" Part XXI covers topics on Sutra Pitaka, Vinaya and Abhidhamma. "Zen Story" continues with the twelfth story, "A Ch'an Master's Tears". In the section on Buddhist Sutra, we present the third part on the Lotus Sutra. The section on Buddhist Art continues in this issue with the Ten Oxherding Pictures.

Acknowledgement for the sources of some contents: The drawings in the Buddhist Art section are taken from "Manual of Zen Buddhism" by D.T. Suzuki, published by Grove Press Inc. New York. The commentary is written by Reverend Eshin. The Zen story "A Ch'an Master's Tears" is taken from Hsing Yun's Ch'an Talk. The article "The Prospect for Buddhist Youth" of the Dharma Dew section is taken from "A Talk Delivered at the Neng Ren Society, Taipei, January 1, 1979 by Venerable Master Hsing Yun", published by Fo Kuang Publisher, 1992.

We hope that you enjoy this issue. We also would like to hear from you any comments or suggestions