The Six Paramitas & The Five Sciences

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1.     Amongst the three kinds of giving, Buddha Dharma Giving is the foremost.    
2.     A Bodhisattva should commit himself to undertaking practices and helping people without any mark.    
3.     Giving without mark means when one gives, one does not have the marks of (a) the one who gives, (b) the one to whom is given, and (c) the physical object and spiritual effect in the act of giving    
4.     In taking precepts, one is expected to have less freedom and comfort.    
5.     In practising Paramita of Patience, one should tolerate and accept what happens at present, and that's all.    
6.     The practices of a Bodhisattvas are generally described by the Six Paramitas.    
7.     In Buddhism, the purposes of meditation is (a) improve the conditions of health of our physical body, and (b) to attain inconceivable psychic power.    
8.     Prajna means wisdom, which everybody should practise, coupled with blessings, in the cultivation of Buddhahood.    
9.     The Five Sciences are worldly knowledge that a Bodhisattva should manage in order to serve and save sentient beings.    
10.     The Five Sciences (i.e. language, craftsmanship, medicine, logic and philosophy) are equally important.