Happy new year 2004!

In this issue, we start a new section Good questions, good answers. It is sometimes easier to understand Buddhism in a form of questions, particularly for the beginners. Though it is difficult to give a full and exact answer to each question, we would like the readers to give us some follow-up questions. The questions are preferably to be specific with some illustrations and examples. We'll try our best to get you some more detailed answers.

In the webpage of Tung Lin Kok Yuen, we start a new column Lin Kok Collections, which is a series of books published by the society. Most of the articles in the books have been published in the quarterly magazine Lin Kok.

For the section Teaching, we begin Chen Yen sect, or known as Tantric Buddhism in China. It should be noted that Tantric Buddhism is different from Tibetan Buddhism though they are closely related. We may discusss Tibetan Buddhism separately in future.

We have also completed our user survey. To see the results, please follow this link, or via the Contents page. Many thanks to our readers who have supplied us with their valuable opinions.

We're exploring more ways to improve the site. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!