Jan 29, 2006 is the Chinese New Year Day. Kung Hei Fat Choy! A popular greeting word spoken by the people when they meet together. It means wishing you to have good fortune and wealth. Most people like to be wealthy in material sense, but then neglect the more fundamental wealth in spiritual sense. There is a Chinese idiom, "If one is aware of being satisfied, one is always happy." In the practice of Buddhism, one has to cultivate one's mind and enrich one's personality, so as to be relaxed and free from trouble.

In this issue, we continue the introduction of Tibetan Buddhism in the Teaching section. Don't miss the Quiz after you read it. For the Sutra Commentary, it comes almost to the end of the Sixth Patriarch Platform Sutra. Another two popular home-made dishes are introduced. Hope the readers enjoy to cook and eat more veggie food at home.

Happy Chinese New Year!