It has been exactly five years since we re-launched the Buddhistdoor in June 2001. We have hoped to provide some basic, yet interesting aspects about Buddhism, particularly Chinese Buddhism for the 'beginners', laymans, professional, youngsters, etc. We know that what we do can only be very minimal, as Buddhism is vast and deep to study and practice. Buddhism explains completely and perfectly the reality of the world and life, which are far beyond religion. Buddhism also educates us how to be a living being in this life, and the lives in future and beyond this world. We sincerely hope the readers can take this rare opportunity to learn, study and practice Buddhism as soon as possible. 'It is rare to get a human body, but it is more rare to learn about Buddhism'.

In this issue, the introduction of Tibetan Buddhism is close to the end. For the Sutra commentary, we have started one for the Medicine Master Sutra. The past sutra commentaries have been set up in the archives so that readers can refer to them easily.